Siege Pong is a fast paced party game with a depth of strategy that gamers can sink their teeth into!

    When two rival kingdoms have become locked in battle, you and your friends must become the engineer-commanders of a brutal siege. Build yourself a castle then enhance and defend it from attack. march knights into battle. imbue throws with deadly power. lay fatal traps for your opponents. Boldly maneuver the winds of fate and manage your kingdom's flow of coin. Work together with your allies to combine your talents and cards to utmost effect.


 Balance skill of hand and skill of mind as you build a monument to your might and lay your enemies in ruins.

Siege Pong provides competitive gameplay for 2-6 players and a typical siege lasts 15-45 minutes.  

A uniquely physical on-your-feet tabletop game that plays like a party!

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A Timeline of Events Leading to the Launch of Siege Pong...


March 1997

A Lonely Farmhouse, Somewhere in the Bible Belt

It's my 7th birthday and there is no cake. By the time my parents finish grace, dinner is cold. We eat in silence and a lone candle illuminates their stern faces. Setting his fork aside my father speaks. “You may abscond after you clear the table”. I collect the dishes and blur through the washing before bounding upstairs, locking my bedroom door. Diving to the closet, I unearth my cache of forbidden lore: “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monstrous Compendium Volume 2”. As I pour over the words I hear whispers of demonic voices in the darkness. My trembling eyes roll back in their sockets...


January 2013

Khakasan Silence Retreat, Remote Siberia

I wake from a nightlong meditation session to a sudden bellowing roar. Crashing back from the realm of forms and into to my body, I realize with surprise that the growling voice is my own! By the time I make out the words “Siege Pong” it’s too late...The Reindeer herders throw me from their tent and into the howling wind and snow, spitting with anger for profaning the silence of their sacred retreat. As I start the fire-trance breaths to prepare for my long cold march, my mind is already ablaze...


August 2014

Longrow Farm, Rural Illinois

With a final twist of the wrench; I step back from the rusted old field-crawler, triumphantly pointing to the sky. The signal has two meanings; fire up the engine, and throw me a cold one! I enjoy a well earned draught as we turn over the field back to the farmhouse. After lighting the grill and dropping a fat green watermelon in the ice chest, my left hand grips the edgeworn tarot deck tucked in my overalls. The archetypes within whisper, demanding my attention. Scooping up a ballpoint pen and a pad of post-it notes, I spread the cards in an arc along the long wooden table. It’s time to take tonight’s beer pong game in a new direction...


October 2016

Graham’s Boxing Gym, Chinatown New York

“Yeah I'll draw your little card-game” Sam tells me as he effortlessly tapes his hands, “but you’re gonna have to last 5 rounds”. “ Uh gutha cunsh druhma enfreh den” I retort. 

Sam cocks his head, “huh?” I spit out my mouth-guard, “I guess I can’t drop you in 3 then!” A few minutes later, I pull Sam to his feet and pat him on the back. “Work on your offhand guard…. And get some ice on those hands, they’ve got drawing to do!


JULY 2017


"What do you mean my demos are cancelled? I've been planning this for a year!". I grit my teeth, trying to remain calm. The small man behind the counter raises his eyebrows in disdain and purses his lips.
"I'm sorry but on further inspection we've decided your game is just not in keeping with our corporate culture."
"Seriously!?" I implore. "But why!?" My head shakes in disbelief.
"Well...we just feel that the associations with alcohol"
My eyes go wide, nearly popping out from my head. "But...wait a minute, you're a BAR! You serve booze! Tonight's specialty cocktail is the 'Hobgoblin Gimlet' and every Thursday night is your 'Beer and Battles Night'. You literally make money associating with alcohol!!!" 
"I'm sorry sir, it just isn't a Mobious Game Bar kind of game." 
He smiles smugly. "Besides, we've already replaced that time slot with another demo.
He hefts a large game box to the counter: "Brony Express: RainBro Roads".